This site is under construction and will continue to evolve over the coming years. At present, it is mainly a safe space to host “experience lost: the jakestar movemnt podcast”.

After 8 years of stability living with bipolar mood disorder, jakestar was sectioned on the John Cade unit of the Royal Melbourne hospital in February of 2017 because the intensity of his manic state had made him a danger to himself and to society. This was his first hospitalisation since the winter of 2008. The podcast captures jakestar’s struggles to return to even keel after he was discharged while experiencing acute manic relapses and unpredictable bouts of acute bipolar depression. In that time, despite the instability in his mood state, jakestar finished his PhD thesis, graduating in April 2018, and has begun to work professionally as a neuroscientist at Imperial College London. The podcast structure is stream of consciousness, where jakestar simply goes for a walk and begins talking (while recording his voice through his bose headphones). Apologies if the levels are low and/or inconsistent across episodes.

I hope you find these recordings useful if you also struggle with managing a mental illness, as jakestar’s struggle to find even keel again is still an ongoing process that tends to dominate the podcasts. Hidden among the mood journal type focus, jakestar is still trying to figure out what the jakestar movemnt actually is. jakestar recommends that you start from the first episodes as the pods are quasi serial in content 😉

Bipolar mood disorder, or manic depression, involves periods of both depression and mania. They can both be extremely destructive when severe in nature. jakestar was diagnosed in the winter of 2001.