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This is the philosophy of thejakestarmovemnt:

Focus on your process
learning is the key not outcome

This site is under construction and will continue to evolve over the coming years. At present, it is mainly a safe space to host Experience Lost: thejakestarmovemnt podcast. After 8 years of stability living with bipolar mood disorder, the podcast captures Jake’s struggles to return to even keel after manic relapses that have resulted in unpredictable bouts of depression since February of 2017. In that time, despite the instability in his mood state, Jake finished his PhD thesis, graduating in April 2018, and has begun his first postdoc at Imperial College London. I hope you find those recordings useful if you also struggle with managing a mental illness, as Jake’s struggle to find even keel again is still an ongoing process that tends to dominate the podcasts. Hidden among the mood journal type focus, Jake is still trying to figure out what thejakestarmovemnt actually is. All Jakestar knows is that focusing on learning and not outcome is a core tenet to thejakestarmovemnt. The eventual goal is to create a neuroscience based philosophy in support of that line of thinking, but one step at a time for now.


Jakestar’s neuroscience background

Dr. Jake Rogers is Nova Scotian neuroplasticity researcher.

He has recently been selected as the first Rutherford Fellow in Neurotechnology in the Department of Biooengineering at Imperial College London. He took up his position on April 1st, 2018. He has joined the lab of Professor Simon Shultz to perform in vivo calcium imaging experiments in head-fixed mice while they navigate through a “floating” maze. See www.schultzlab.org for more information.

This is Jake’s final PhD oration recorded August 23rd, 2016 at the Melbourne Brain Centre. The introduction to his talk outlines his philosophical thinking quite well. Worth a quick listen!

“A tour de force” according to the director of The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, Professor Geoff Donnan. Prof. Donnan man-hugged the soon to be Dr. Rogers when he finished question time in front of a large audience who watched the talk in the Ian Potter Auditorium at The University of Melbourne.

See picture below captured by the research assistant from the lab of Professor Anthony Hannan where Dr. Jake performed his PhD work (see www.florey.edu.au/node/46 for more info on the Hannan lab) as evidence that this lovely thing occurred for the first time after a PhD oration (to jakestar’s knowledge).

The talk begins at 5 mins 35 secs 😉


Jakestar is known to wear T-shirts with his name on the them, as well as T-shirts with his province, and home, on them. He enjoys life for the most part but has had a life-long struggle with a complex psychiatric disorder, namely bipolar mood disorder. Bipolar involves periods of both depression and mania. They can both be very destructive when severe in nature. He was diagnosed in the winter of 2001.

Experience lost: thejakestarmovemnt podcast


Contact: @jakestarmovemnt (twitter and instagram)